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Will NYT’s Digital Subscription Shoot Itself in Digital Subscription Foot?

Prediction: The New York Times new digital subscription plan* will fail itself. It will fail not because readers are overwhelmingly unwilling to pay for content–they may be willing to do so and, for that reason, it makes sense for the … Continue reading

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Bacon Wrapped in Google TV Bacon, Inside Film Bacon

Last night I stopped the DVR, mid-fast forward, mid-program interruption, to watch a commercial. Yup. It was a short version of this Logitech spot featuring Kevin Bacon playing an unlikely (or likely, as the case may be) Kevin Bacon devotee. … Continue reading

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When Media Fragments Inside Earbuds (of the Person on the Treadmill Next to You), Do You Hear It?

Occasionally, I’ll still watch one of those network evening newscasts. For the most part, I’m a fan of Brian Williams’ / NBC’s curation—I find it reassuring to receive a relatively trusted package. It’s a start. If I want more I … Continue reading

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